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DEHUMANIZATION                         49

The very possibility of human life on the earth
depends upon economics and it would appear
impossible to leave to chance a matter which
might condemn man to death by starvation.
Even in the life of the individual there is greater
freedom in the life of the spirit and less in the
purely physiological. The material must be
organized, it cannot be given a liberty which
amounts to leaving it to blind chance. But so
great is the perversion of the hierarchy of values
in Human life that no freedom is granted the
spirit, while for the material full liberty is
offered. At a time when freedom of thought and
speech and spiritual creativeness was desired,
great freedom was accorded to economics. The
material appetites and lusts made orgy, they
exploited and crowded the weak and dependent,
while the spirit was cramped and oppressed.
This is of course a vivid evidence of the decad-
ence of the world. At the present time there are
voices crying for the organization of material,
the regulation of economics, but they propose
the same methods of regulation and organization
for the spirit which they use for economic life.
They want to treat the spirit just as they do the
material. This leads to a dictatorship of world-
outlook, a dictatorship over the spirit. This is
evidenced in Communism as in Fascism, and still
more in National-Socialism. It is a monism in